"We believe that by following our hearts, we can create experiences that resonate
with those who share our love for immersive gaming adventures."

With courage, we turned our eyes skyward. We saw how the sun slowly disappeared at the horizon. Sparkling colors shimmered in intense sun rays, coloring the sky in a sparkling glow of pink, blue, and gray in endless shades. We laughed at our fears, we promised to see beyond difficulties, and in the end, over there among the pink clouds, we saw only possibilities that were as infinite as the Vanilla Sky.

Vanilla Sky Productions is not your typical game studio; it was founded by Anders Åkerfeldt and Lola Åkerfeldt. Our story began with a simple vision: to create captivating digital worlds.

Anders, a seasoned game industry veteran with over 25 years of experience, started his career as a graphic designer, bringing visual stories to life. This unique blend of artistry and technical expertise forms the core of our game development philosophy.

Lola is a free spirit, an artist of many talents who infuses our games with creativity and charm. Her artistic vision, coupled with boundless creativity, adds a unique and captivating dimension to our projects.

Together, we are a passionate team that combines years of industry know-how with a touch of artistic inspiration, driven by a simple belief: we create games from the heart and soul. We strive to create experiences that resonate with other players who share our passion for immersive adventure.

Welcome to Vanilla Sky Productions, where passion, creativity, and innovation come together to shape the game of the future.

Vanilla Sky Productions AB, Stockholm, Sweden
Email: contact@vanillaskyproductions.com